Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2550 has set the moral standards of those who hold political office. Each state officials to adhere to the code of ethics established. To define a framework for the ethical standards of civil servants and public officials by requiring enforcement mechanism and effectively. Have set the stage for action and punished according to the seriousness of the contravention or non-compliance with ethical standards. Constitutes a breach of discipline

          February with the approval of the Cabinet has set ethical standards for the Civil Service Code. Which was announced in the Royal Gazette on November 5, 2552, Article 17, which requires the establishment of ethical protection in all government agencies report directly to the Head of Government. The officials who hold executive positions up to the level of a group leader.

          State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO.) Has ordered 24/2554 dated January 28, 2554 Change Coordination Center for Clean and Transparent Government. And establishing ethical Protection In order to protect the Civil Service Ethics Code. Directly to the Director of the cor. The Pankanitta Boon Krong Nang, deputy director of Cor., Is head of.

          Later SEPO. Has ordered the 145/2555 dated June 24, 2554 due to a protection group of ethics. Directly to the Director of the cor. The allocation ratio of two rates applied to the protection and ethics statement 165/2555 dated August 21, 2555 appointed a working group for the protection of the moral Cor. the director of Cor., is head of.