About MBC

About MBC

Rationale The project

State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO.) Has a strategic importance in enhancing the management of enterprises to provide an organization with the power and strengthen good governance in state enterprises. Enterprises to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations higher. Enterprises need to have a regulatory mechanism managed to put policy into practice a concrete response to the government's policies. The directors state that the key role to be a mechanism to supervise enterprises so SEPO. The project coordination center's décor. The closely-time and the channel. Directors can submit suggestions to improve the service quickly.

To increase the capacity of enterprises to be able to operate fully the obligations under its intention to assign a representative to serve enterprise governance. This will result in transparency, good governance in the organization. And make the organization more efficient and sustainable success.

To facilitate the enterprises to coordinate with the décor. Closely fast and accurate channel can be sent back to committee recommendations to improve services quickly.

The definition of the enterprise
Enterprises Director means a person appointed to the board by a state enterprise under the framework of laws, regulations, resolutions cabinet of such enterprises. It is those who have been determined to have knowledge and experience in proper. Served on the board Directors of other enterprises Which is bearing the responsibility and authority for management control. Maintenance and operations director of the state enterprise under the law, regulations and the Cabinet.