The Ethics Committee of the cor. (Civil Code Article 15).

  1. Monitoring compliance, promote and advise on the application of this Code in the government.
  2. Overseeing compliance with the code of ethics in government. In case of doubt or. Complaints That a breach of ethics To refer the matter to the head of government in order to comply with this Code without delay.
  3. The decision problems arising from the application of this Code in the government. When the decision to send the decision, the CSC promptly if CSC did not rule otherwise within sixty days from the date of Feb. been subject to the decision of the ethics committee is final.
  4. Submit a February ruling in the case that it is important or affects a broad variety of government agencies. And no decision of February or the Ombudsman.
  5. Protection and guarantee its independence and impartiality of the ethics of government protection.
  6. Protection Commissioner who follow this Code honorably. Otherwise, the supervising authority not justified by the officials concerned.
  7. Offering an assessment of compliance with this Code of heads of government agencies to the CSC and evaluate the performance of the work ethics of the government to offer protection to the head of government to engage in salaries. Or promoted officials in the group.
  8. Propose amendments to this Code. Or else thinks fit Feb
  9. Other action by this Code or by the CSC delegates.

The protection of the moral authority Cor. (Command SEPO. A 259/2554).

  1. Publish official execution, cultivate, promote regarded as a role model. And monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics. usually
  2. Investigate the facts of breach of ethics Reporting to the Director of the State Enterprise Policy Office, the request may or may act as director of the State Enterprise Policy Office, delegate or as appropriate.
  3. Assistance and official which comply with this Code. Unaffectedly Shall be bullying or unfair use of power by the provisions of Article 16 (2) According to the Civil Code. Used with officials of the Department of Protection of ethics shall be provided by the CSC approval.
  4. Acting secretary of the Ethics Committee of the Government.
  5. Other action By requiring this Code. Or, as director of the State Enterprise Policy Office. The Ethics Committee of the government or by the CSC shall be assigned without compromising the independence of the incumbent in the group.
  6. Coordinate the implementation of the Plan Against Corruption Bureau / Division / Center / groups involved. The recommendation, advising the Bureau / Division / Center / group. The performance improvements And anti-corruption
  7. Monitor, evaluate and report on the implementation of anti-corruption.
  8. Collaborate with other federal agencies, as well as the OCSC government agencies and departments. Related
  9. Conduct monitoring activities to prevent and combat corruption plan of achieving the intended result. And establishes metrics The success of the implementation of measures to prevent and combat corruption. And support for public sector And government officials are involved.
  10. Other actors The assignment

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