The test private sector interest in investing (Market Sounding).
High Speed ​​Rail

The Government of Thailand has a policy to encourage the private sector a greater role for the state in the form of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have been appointed by the Board of Directors. To consider ways to increase the role of private sector in PPPs.
(Committee PPPs) to act in the form PPPs sector project selection. And the form PPPs
The suitability of the project The Commission has considered PPPs provide interest test in private investment.
(Market Sounding) for high-speed rail project number two routes.
(1) East (Bangkok - Chonburi - Rayong).
(2) Northern line (Bangkok - Chiang Mai).

1. To allow participants to get to know the policies and direction of investment in transport infrastructure in the whole of Thailand. And high-speed rail project
2. To listen to comments and suggestions from participants about the possibilities and forms a joint venture between the state and.
Private high-speed train project
3. The comments and suggestions to guide the investment process high-speed rail project practical.

What I want to know from the exhibitors.
To achieve the objectives of the project Market Sounding Board PPPs therefore wishes to be informed.
Information from the exhibitors.
1. possibilities and factors that will make high-speed rail project in Thailand achieved.
2. forms of financing, construction and operation of high-speed train project in right.
3. The possibilities and forms of PPPs in the high-speed train project in the appropriate division of responsibilities. And risk between public and private.
4. The concept of increasing returns, both economic and financial analysis of high-speed rail project in Thailand.

target group
1. Government agencies and the private sector with experience and expertise in the construction and operation of high-speed rail project.
2. Investors who have invested in the construction and operation of high-speed rail projects and / or projects.
Large-scale infrastructure in the form of PPPs.
3. public and private financial institutions that have experience in providing support to investment and construction.
High-speed rail project And / or large-scale infrastructure projects in the form of PPPs.
4. Agencies Including educational institutions interested in investing in and supporting the project.
High-speed rail and / or large-scale infrastructure projects in the form of PPPs.
5. International agencies such as the Asian Development Bank World Bank International Monetary Fund and others.

The information will be in attendance Market Sounding.
1. Preliminary project (Fact Sheet) (Attachment 1).
2. More Details Participants will receive when confirmed. The participants of Staff Market Sounding.
The primary feature
2.1 ...... the government policy to develop the transport system as a whole.
2.2 ...... the government's policy of developing the rail system.
2.3 ...... government in implementing the project.
...... 2.4 Information on the results of preliminary studies for high speed rail projects.
...... 2.5 laws and regulations related to the project and attendance.
2.6 ...... procedure and time frame in preliminary action.