The Policy of the Government Shareholders

To assess the state system. Enterprise was instrumental in the development of enterprises, in line with its goals. The public sector and the development of the country. Committee on State Enterprises Evaluation The idea is to have a policy of shareholder / government (Statement of Direction: SOD) since 2549 to build partnerships between government agencies in order to establish and develop. Evaluation framework for the operation of enterprises and relationships in an integrated comprehensive primary mission of the enterprise. And in line with national development. The state regulatory agencies Which is involved in the SOD.

composed of
1. Office of the National Economic and Social Development (NESDB). As the agency is considering plans for national economic and social development. And the investment plans of enterprises
2. The Ministry of Finance by Cor. As shareholders.
3. Ministry of State Enterprises As regulators enterprises.

SEPO.'ve SOD of enterprises since 2550 and has developed and reviewed with regulators. And related Annually And the reported results prepared SOD to the State Enterprise Policy Committee (a student) acknowledge.