Performance Evaluation System Highlight
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    History Principle. The relevant rules and procedures/lifecycle framework agreement documentation including the results of the overall evaluation board and related committees.
  • Enterprise management systems (3)
    The enterprise management system for State enterprises, 6 can achieve operational results as expected and empowerment for the future.
  • State enterprise quality assessment system (SEPA)
    Quality evaluation system for State-owned enterprises that focus on self assessment. Continuous updates and links the views of developing countries in the context of State enterprises.
  • The motivation system.
    The system of compensation or incentives (Incentive system) consists of a monetary compensation and the compensation is not a financial.
  • The award of State enterprises (SOE Award)
    State Enterprise Awards for outstanding contributions to publishing and publishing a remarkable public State enterprises and social acknowledgement.
  • Management system to create economic value (EVM)
    The enterprise management system that focuses on adding value to the organization by linking financial objectives, including economic profit and social objectives into core management processes.
  • Document
    Scholarly papers, documents, manuals, articles, seminars, etc.
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